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on October 23, 2013

It’s funny {odd} how when life hits, all bets are off. For me, a distraction from the norm is cause for derailment from {most} of my {wanna be} standard activities…..like blogging. I have pages of notes and ideas, of things to proclaim. I have, however, been occupied with serving at the school for a week and am currently at the end of a two-week fall break for the Things. Talk about derailment. Oy vey! It’s all good though. It just means that I’m behind in my photo log of the October Dress Project for anyone that might have been missing that.

I’ve also decided that I’m done with it. At least for this year. The dress project that is. Not the blogging. Last year’s dress shrunk a bit, making it uncomfortably short. This year’s dress is just too long, although it seemed like a great idea in the beginning. Also, have you noticed that when ordering clothes online, it will alert you to the washing instructions but not to the drying? A maxi dress that is to be “[hung] to dry” takes over 24 hours to do so. The dress is also starting to pill horribly under the arms and is all stretched out on top. My guess, from being hung up wet so often. I’m feeling a bit like a failure at the moment, but on the upside it has sparked some additional creativity in my mind. And that’s part of the goals right? Anti-conformity. Anti-consumerism. Pro-simplicity. Pro-creativity. The creative part, however, is just not manifesting itself as I had hoped. I’m still seriously accessory-challenged.

So, here are some remaining outfits from Day 7-20. I made it over halfway.















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