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Photographic Therapy

on October 6, 2013

I have to be honest. One of the things that I absolutely despise about doing the ODP is taking pictures of myself. I look at the pictures, and I feel like I’m looking at a stranger. Like the mirror doesn’t lie, but the camera does. And I don’t quite understand that disconnect.  Maybe I just need a haircut. ::sigh::

Day 4: Running around all morning required jeans and a t-shirt. Humidity practically choked me when leaving the house. I’m also to the point where layering is a must with the dress. I have issues with regulating my body temperature, so I opted out while I was running around. I did, however, don it when I got home. I had on my dress, a gray t-shirt, a black/white scarf that I’d made out pajama bottoms, and of course, the Hello Kitty slippers. They are warm and shiny and the perfect icing on a busy day.




Day 5: On Saturday, we had a Scout function at a camp just north of us. It was rainy and 3 out of 4 of us really didn’t want to be there. I should have taken a picture of us as a family because we seriously could have played the one-of-these-things game. One grumpy Mama and her two cubs; one decked out Scout dad. Seriously. Official shorts, Camp T-shirt, even official Scout socks. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up. So, there’s the dress and an over-sized t-shirt over top. Oh, and the knock-off Uggs. The fact that it was drizzly, I knotted the bottom of the dress to keep it from dragging the ground.


I lucked out this year in some ways. One of which is that I have a friend who decided to clean out her closet and pass on some things to me. I almost have a completely new wardrobe of shirts from her. I figured that the over-sized t-shirts on me would work great under workout wear. The plan is to start walking soon and check into any swim classes. I’ve seen one for arthritic aerobics. Count me in.  They also fit nicely over a dress. 😉

Day 6: Today’s attire also includes a dress shirt from my friend. It’s purple/white/black striped. I paired it with my short-sleeved denim jacket and a new pair of black Dansko shoes. The heavens have opened and poured out the rain on us today, and I need to spend the afternoon making far too many batches of muddy buddies. I believe I’m going to have to opt back into jeans and a tee just to make a grocery run. And I don’t trust myself even in normal clothes working around cups and cups of confectioners’ sugar.  Wouldn’t be a bad day to also wash it.




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