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Day 1, Baby!!

on October 1, 2013

This morning I awoke to the obnoxious sound of the alarm clock, a heavy fog-laden view, and a very chatty Thing 2. Apparently, Thing 2 loves biscuits and gravy and is therefore willing to arise before the sun on a Tuesday just to spend some time with his step-dad and other men at their Kiwanis meeting. At Jim Dandy. Where it would seem biscuits and gravy are on the menu. Thing 1, however,  was not as pleased about waking for school, but I think the Count Chocula cereal finally gave him his edge this morning.

Bills are paid. Emails answered. Saxophone delivered to school. Car partially filled with gas. New shoes ordered. ::squeal::

But the highlight of the day thus far is that it’s Day 1 for the 2013 October Dress Project!! Yes, once again, I will be attempting this feat, which I found out last year is not for the weary of heart.

For those of you who are new or simply desire a refresher, the October Dress Project is this: It’s a call to anti-consumerism, anti-conformity, pro-creativity, and pro-simplicity. The goal: Wear one dress for the whole month (that’s 31 days) of October. No, I don’t have to wear the dress 24/7. Yes, I will wash the dress. Repeatedly. Just at some point during the day, wear the dress.

Last year’s dress posed two challenges: It was red, and it was polka-dotted. Patterns pose a problem to me as I’m accessory-challenged to start. The dress I’ve chosen for this year is a black maxi dress from Macy’s. Black goes with everything. And my wardrobe rejoiced. And because I have issues, I decided to actually graph out some of my outfits to ensure that I could {easily} stretch out 21 days. The result: 37 items of clothing resulted in over 200 combinations. I have a week’s worth of outfits in the dress, a white t-shirt, and 7 different scarves. So I’m not really original.

So, here is today’s outfit: black dress, white t-shirt, blue/white scarf, black Alegria shoes.




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