Tears, Sweat, and a lot of PTO

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Bad Blogger

It’s funny {odd} how when life hits, all bets are off. For me, a distraction from the norm is cause for derailment from {most} of my {wanna be} standard activities…..like blogging. I have pages of notes and ideas, of things to proclaim. I have, however, been occupied with serving at the school for a week and am currently at the end of a two-week fall break for the Things. Talk about derailment. Oy vey! It’s all good though. It just means that I’m behind in my photo log of the October Dress Project for anyone that might have been missing that.

I’ve also decided that I’m done with it. At least for this year. The dress project that is. Not the blogging. Last year’s dress shrunk a bit, making it uncomfortably short. This year’s dress is just too long, although it seemed like a great idea in the beginning. Also, have you noticed that when ordering clothes online, it will alert you to the washing instructions but not to the drying? A maxi dress that is to be “[hung] to dry” takes over 24 hours to do so. The dress is also starting to pill horribly under the arms and is all stretched out on top. My guess, from being hung up wet so often. I’m feeling a bit like a failure at the moment, but on the upside it has sparked some additional creativity in my mind. And that’s part of the goals right? Anti-conformity. Anti-consumerism. Pro-simplicity. Pro-creativity. The creative part, however, is just not manifesting itself as I had hoped. I’m still seriously accessory-challenged.

So, here are some remaining outfits from Day 7-20. I made it over halfway.














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Photographic Therapy

I have to be honest. One of the things that I absolutely despise about doing the ODP is taking pictures of myself. I look at the pictures, and I feel like I’m looking at a stranger. Like the mirror doesn’t lie, but the camera does. And I don’t quite understand that disconnect.  Maybe I just need a haircut. ::sigh::

Day 4: Running around all morning required jeans and a t-shirt. Humidity practically choked me when leaving the house. I’m also to the point where layering is a must with the dress. I have issues with regulating my body temperature, so I opted out while I was running around. I did, however, don it when I got home. I had on my dress, a gray t-shirt, a black/white scarf that I’d made out pajama bottoms, and of course, the Hello Kitty slippers. They are warm and shiny and the perfect icing on a busy day.




Day 5: On Saturday, we had a Scout function at a camp just north of us. It was rainy and 3 out of 4 of us really didn’t want to be there. I should have taken a picture of us as a family because we seriously could have played the one-of-these-things game. One grumpy Mama and her two cubs; one decked out Scout dad. Seriously. Official shorts, Camp T-shirt, even official Scout socks. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up. So, there’s the dress and an over-sized t-shirt over top. Oh, and the knock-off Uggs. The fact that it was drizzly, I knotted the bottom of the dress to keep it from dragging the ground.


I lucked out this year in some ways. One of which is that I have a friend who decided to clean out her closet and pass on some things to me. I almost have a completely new wardrobe of shirts from her. I figured that the over-sized t-shirts on me would work great under workout wear. The plan is to start walking soon and check into any swim classes. I’ve seen one for arthritic aerobics. Count me in.  They also fit nicely over a dress. 😉

Day 6: Today’s attire also includes a dress shirt from my friend. It’s purple/white/black striped. I paired it with my short-sleeved denim jacket and a new pair of black Dansko shoes. The heavens have opened and poured out the rain on us today, and I need to spend the afternoon making far too many batches of muddy buddies. I believe I’m going to have to opt back into jeans and a tee just to make a grocery run. And I don’t trust myself even in normal clothes working around cups and cups of confectioners’ sugar.  Wouldn’t be a bad day to also wash it.



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What Are {Best} Friends For?



Meet my BF, Krischelle {and her husband Scott}. My beloved friend has the most amazing spirit and a huge heart . She has taken me as her friend, massive as my flaws may be. She is my balance and my filter. And sometimes I can make her laugh. God has richly blessed me with her and her generous love, support, and {magnitudes} of grace. As an added bonus, she’s also been known to fuel my addictions, namely to owls and {free and/or reduced} books.

Example: The other day she surprised me with a few gifts. Something small, as she called it.  One was an owl dish towel, which now has a spot guarding the oven door. The other was a box that was filled with owl notes cards and notepads. To be sure, there were squeals of delight.



Now, me being me and all my brain took a left turn the other day. I’ve started reading Becoming Myself:Embracing God’s Dream of You by Stasi Eldredge. Within the first couple of chapters (I believe I’m on chapter 6 at present), Stasi introduces her insight into a woman’s menstrual cycle. Now, being 42, I’ve known about all of that for some 30 years now. Still, it was this notion of here it is and what it does, and by the third week of your cycle you may fully give yourself permission to have the breakdowns, sleep all of the time, consume certifiable quantities of Midol, and break into the chocolate stash.

By my pure nature, I’m truly not a sweets person. Unless of course we’re discussing cake. I love cake. Or unless we’re talking about PMS week. Then it’s just the dire need for sugar in general: Smarties, Starbursts, M&M’s, chocolate-covered fudge grahams, etc. The problem? I live in a house surrounded by menfolk. And if you’ve never been surrounded by menfolk, let me tell you that boys start consuming food with the velocity of a shop vac beginning around age 10. It increases exponentially with age. My husband would almost rather eat sweets than a meal. He considers sugar to be one of the major food groups, along with butter. So, the problem is that if I want something to have for “that time” I have to hide it. But where? Answer: Adorable owl box given to me by my best friend!!!


It’s just how I roll.

Now, to today’s photo: ODP13 Day 3. The dress and only the dress. No make-up and hair simply dried and bangs pulled back with a clip.


Photography credit to my 12-year-old who was required to take said photo because he gripes that I move the couch in order to set up the camera and timer.

Today was a free day at home where I wasn’t expected to be anywhere until 4 p.m. It was also this-house-is-in-desperate-need-of-cleaning day. Not wearing the dress to do things like cleaning toilets and mopping floors. I did, however, don it after all of that and wore it to the chiropractor office, the UPS Store, and McDonald’s drive-thru (I totally rock dinner when the hubs has a Boys’ Night Out.). And because I need to wash it tonight (and let it air dry), I’m home and in my pajamas (again) by 6:30.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a long weekend and an even longer (but hopefully cooler) week.

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ODP13 Day 2

Busy day of errand running and toilet cleaning. I know….so glam! Still, it’s day 2, and I’m still going strong. Even dressed it up a bit. I made the vest last year, and the jewelry and shoes I’ve had for awhile.




Day 1, Baby!!

This morning I awoke to the obnoxious sound of the alarm clock, a heavy fog-laden view, and a very chatty Thing 2. Apparently, Thing 2 loves biscuits and gravy and is therefore willing to arise before the sun on a Tuesday just to spend some time with his step-dad and other men at their Kiwanis meeting. At Jim Dandy. Where it would seem biscuits and gravy are on the menu. Thing 1, however,  was not as pleased about waking for school, but I think the Count Chocula cereal finally gave him his edge this morning.

Bills are paid. Emails answered. Saxophone delivered to school. Car partially filled with gas. New shoes ordered. ::squeal::

But the highlight of the day thus far is that it’s Day 1 for the 2013 October Dress Project!! Yes, once again, I will be attempting this feat, which I found out last year is not for the weary of heart.

For those of you who are new or simply desire a refresher, the October Dress Project is this: It’s a call to anti-consumerism, anti-conformity, pro-creativity, and pro-simplicity. The goal: Wear one dress for the whole month (that’s 31 days) of October. No, I don’t have to wear the dress 24/7. Yes, I will wash the dress. Repeatedly. Just at some point during the day, wear the dress.

Last year’s dress posed two challenges: It was red, and it was polka-dotted. Patterns pose a problem to me as I’m accessory-challenged to start. The dress I’ve chosen for this year is a black maxi dress from Macy’s. Black goes with everything. And my wardrobe rejoiced. And because I have issues, I decided to actually graph out some of my outfits to ensure that I could {easily} stretch out 21 days. The result: 37 items of clothing resulted in over 200 combinations. I have a week’s worth of outfits in the dress, a white t-shirt, and 7 different scarves. So I’m not really original.

So, here is today’s outfit: black dress, white t-shirt, blue/white scarf, black Alegria shoes.



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