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Crafts Abound

on September 30, 2013

I must admit that one nice side effect of no longer being PTO president is all of the spare time I have seemingly fallen into. Don’t misunderstand. Last year I was busy, but was I really that busy? I would appear so. Now I nonchalantly navigate most days, freeing myself to become a woman of leisure. ::snicker:: Yeah, right! Right after the laundry, the bathrooms, the dishes, and a myriad of other household chores. Still, it’s nice when segments of time are free, and I get that rare opportunity to craft. Lately, creative juices have been flowing out in all areas, and I must {unashamedly} admit that I’m rather loving it.

Over the course of the past two weeks I have produced: 4 infinity scarves, a regular scarf, 4 accent pillows, 8 stockings, 24 gift tag ornaments, 2 tie-flower pins, and 2 decorative “photos”. And I’m still going. And that makes me happy, happy, happy! Give me a glue gun and a couple of hours and anything becomes a possibility.








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