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ODP12 Day 11

on October 11, 2012

Back on the band wagon today. Feeling a tad better which always helps things along.

While the boys were getting ready this morning, I finalized my counts for items to be removed in some manner or other from my house. Items to Goodwill have already been delivered.

Goodwill: 211 items
Outreach, Inc.: 83 items
On-line garage sale: 54 items
Trash: 44 items
Thing 2 to Nephew: 35 items
Thing 1 to Thing 2: (while technically not leaving the house) 66 items

Should my math actually be correct, that’s 493 items from which we are soon to be free of. Super psyched!!

And today’s outfit: dress, gray leggings, white socks, brown boots, gray t-shirt, cream sweater, and leopard-print scarf.


2 responses to “ODP12 Day 11

  1. I purge every couple of months, but I also purged again just this week. My goal is to make my wardrobe only classic, timeless pieces that flatter my shape, lifestyle and tastes. By the way, love the polka dot OD!

    • mica71 says:

      We purge somewhat regularly here as well. This time, I just wanted something tangible for how much I had that didn’t pain me to give up/away. I, too, am evaluating my closet. I had recently purchased 2 skirts at Goodwill. With some seriously on-sale deals that I’ve found, I’m going to try and make more outfits out of less. I’m finding that I don’t need 4 black t-shirts that are exactly the same. The red was a serious step out of my comfort zone. Next year, I may just do a black or gray dress, but who knows?

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