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ODP Day 10

on October 10, 2012

Some days I feel like a complete failure at life. Dealing with chronic pain will do that to a person. Today no dress. I needed to continue on with some projects here at the house and spent all day in my pajamas. It’s just easier some days. But when I’m hurting, it hurts all over: my back, my legs, my knees, my ankles, my hands, my head. You get the point. Literally, head to toe. Up and down the stairs means frequently just sitting and scooting down because I don’t trust my legs to hold out or my hands to support collapsing weight. Sometimes it means crawling on the floor from point a to point b because it hurts too much to stand. With one dress that takes forever to dry, well, no dress today.

Thing 2 called me out about it at dinner. It breaks my heart to have to say that Mommy didn’t feel well enough to do it today, when all it means to him is getting dressed. It sounds so simple some days.

I started purging things last night and spent a great deal of time in the basement working to sort through toys and games. I have a “purge tally” of 197 items now in my car headed to Goodwill. Most of that was accomplished last night. Today just required me to put it all in a box (or 2) and get it from the basement to the car. One box came from the basement; the other came from the second story. It took me an hour to move two boxes. But it’s done.

I spent time today cleaning my desk because it didn’t require much other than sitting. I made doggie treats last night that needed to be put away. (Actually, Milk Bone made the treats. I simply embellished them.) While I felt like I was working hard all day, I have nothing truly tangible to put my fingers on to say, “Wow. Look what I did today.” Days like these make me sad, but it is what it is. I can’t change it; I simply endure it. And in the grand scheme of things my “suffering” isn’t anywhere near the suffering endured by other dear friends. Still, it just …. is.

So, just to have something to look back on, here’s what I did today: I anti-consumered myself and applied some pro-creativity to pro-simplify myself. That has to count for something, right?

My message center is now complete. Each Thing has their own hanging box for school papers. Each also has their own clipboard. These are for papers that need to be returned back to school. I should have done before and afters because I sorted through the overflowing boxes today.

Thing 1 decided that we needed to start recycling as well. My Thirty-One bags are coming in handy for papers and other recycling. It makes it much easier to transport to the big container in the garage.

This is my Pinterest perpetual calendar utilizing paint chip cards and a picture frame. Super easy to do and use. You have to love anything with dry erase.

The cabinets over the computer desk. I applied cork board to the inside of the cabinets for additional posting capabilities. It’s now where the school lunch menus are located. The two blue boxes hold all of our cords. It was another Pinterest idea utilizing a shoebox and toilet paper rolls. See?

My desk is now clean and my “working” folders are in order. Actually, it’s just a bin that holds some of my recipes, two craft binders, my Office 2010 dummies book, and paperwork that I manage for the Cub Scouts. Still, it’s all clean and neat.

I even straightened the junk drawer in the desk.

And last, but not least, a picture or two of my puppy treats. I melted down some vanilla frosting, dipped the treat in, and added sprinkles.

All in all, not a super bad day.


One response to “ODP Day 10

  1. April says:

    I love you & your organization skills. 🙂
    And many hugs to you for all you endure. You are such an amazing and strong woman.

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