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October Dress Project — Day 3

on October 4, 2012

So, looks like today’s outfit came complete with jumping dog. I must admit that Thing 2 did an excellent job of capturing her like he did. It was so completely random. She just ran into the room and jumped. Hilarious.

Tonight was our PTO meeting at school, and I had a number of people comment on the dress and the accessories. I had several teachers who hung around a bit just to see what I’d be wearing. One mom asked if I’d been Pinteresting my bracelets. Yep! Nothing like a little bit of mindless activity to create something so fun. So here are some photos of the pop-top bracelets. Then it’s on to dinner (finally) and a handful of Ibuprofen. Side note: Chronic pain sucks.


2 responses to “October Dress Project — Day 3

  1. April says:

    Looking good….you’re doing a great job accessorizing. 🙂 (is that a word??)

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