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October Dress Project — Day 2

on October 2, 2012

Today started out with me already behind, or so it seemed. The drizzle this morning didn’t help matters either for mood or timing. Taking Thing 1 to the bus stop cuts into the morning a bit, but honestly, I rather enjoy that few minutes that we have together. I love the “I love you, too, Mom,” that he mutters under his breath as he’s climbing out of the car. Thing 2 seemed to moving in high gear once he was fully awake; it was just getting him to that point that seemed to take forever. He and I are definitely mid-morning people, and since today was a I’m-working-at-school-day (I photocopy for teachers 2 days a week), I also had to be ready and presentable. No more running Thing 2 to school in pajamas. At least I knew what I was wearing, right?

See, you’d think that wearing the same dress every day wouldn’t be an issue. The fact that it’s day 2 should still be a breeze. That dressing one’s self would be somehow easier. Nope, because now I have to “accessorize”. Really? If you know me at all, you know that that will be the hardest thing for me. I have ….. no sense of style. My sister has volunteered to be the one to call the “What Not to Wear” people for me, and after this month I’m sure she’ll have more than enough ammunition. My idea to garanimal myself before the month started didn’t actually make it to reality. Kind of kicking myself right now for that.

So, with probably less enthusiasm than I would have liked, I dressed for the day. Today’s outfit consisted of “the dress”, Mary Jane style crocs (on sale at Shoe Carnival), black wrap sweater (from Collections Etc for $15) that has quickly become one of my favorite items (I like the drapiness of the front), wedding rings, glasses, headband from Payless (with BOGO), and a glass photo necklace.

It wasn’t until I was completely dressed and looked down on myself that the thought dawned on me: I freaking look like Minnie Mouse!! And since the majority of my wardrobe is black, all I’ll need for Halloween are the ears. ::sigh:: I did get a majority of “that is the cutest dress” today, so I’ll still chalk it up as a win.

Now today, however, is a Pinterest day. Our elementary school is the Stony Creek Mustangs, and for Teacher Appreciation Week last year, I made necklaces for all of the female teachers and staff members (the men…all 5 of them….received key chains). I saw the idea on Pinterest of taking a photo and turning it into a necklace. I thought, “Well, it can’t be that hard. Right?”. It wasn’t so much difficult as it was time consuming. Keep in mind I made 100 of them. I was pretty pleased as to how they turned out. Here is mine.

I am in no way, shape, or form a good photographer. I point; I shoot. I have, however, been reading about light boxes. Maybe I’ll get better. My dress photo was taken at my chiropractor’s office. They take good care of me.

Anyone else get the most popularly asked question: So, are you going to wash your dress?

I just started staring at people. Like that’s even a question? With that said, once home with the kids this afternoon, I tossed the dress in the washer, donned the pajamas, and made dinner. Ah, the quiet, now that everyone is at Boy Scouts.


6 responses to “October Dress Project — Day 2

  1. Lori says:

    I find that I’m offering the information that I WILL be washing the dress, as I can see the worry start to spread across people’s faces when I tell them what I’m doing! I could really do with having washed it tonight, but I’ve been out all day and evening, and now it’s midnight… not much time left for washing! Looks like tomorrow will be a sweatshirt-over-dress day!

  2. I couldn’t believe that people actually asked me that. I think I’ll start saying no. Just for shock value.

  3. BADvertising says:

    I like your sweater. I have a grey one like that. It’s seriously my go-to sweater when I want to get cozy on a rainy or windy day!

  4. April says:

    You are so darn cute!! Love the outfit. 🙂

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