Tears, Sweat, and a lot of PTO

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on September 24, 2012

Having to be in the loop all of the time (nature of being the PTO Prez I guess) sometimes leaves me with the feeling that I’m juggling in the middle of a three-ring circus (strangely, our carnival theme this year is “circus”).

I remember when I was younger (“…so much younger than today. I never needed anybody’s help in anyway.”) {Thank me later, Carpenters fans.} Maybe I should admit now that I fear I have Adult ADD. Squirrel!!

Let’s try this again……

I remember when I was younger hula hoops were all the rage. It was nothing to spend hours twisting, twirling, spinning, and swirling them all over the place. I’d go get one right now if I didn’t think that I would totally blow a knee out or have to explain a set back to my back to my chiropractor. Still, you were the coolest if you could get one going on each arm just spinning and spinning, and it was all fun and games until you got tired and knocked yourself with one or both.

Kind of what today felt like. Spinning, spinning, spinning…..then WHAM! Tripping over air (in addition to super-sonic smell) is my super power. I was not meant to successfully juggle. Or twirl. Or balance.


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