Tears, Sweat, and a lot of PTO

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on September 22, 2012

The fact that I just “pinned” 22 items in about 10 minutes on Pinterest should be an indicator to myself that I have an addiction. But what happens when an addiction fuels other addictions? This is where I find myself this afternoon. (Actually, I find myself sitting at the computer in the kitchen, windows wide open, fall breezes winding their way through the house, my body reaching for a sweater. But you know what I mean.)

It’s FALL!! Seriously. First. Day. One couldn’t ask for better weather to welcome it in either. It’s crisp. It’s breezy. Just a lingering scent of last night’s rain. It’s sunny. It’s perfect. And it has me longing for pumpkin. I love pumpkin. I love all things pumpkin. And here’s where addictions collide: Pinterest meets Pumpkin. Just reading off my pumpkin recipe pins makes me sound like Bubba rattling off shrimp. I have enough pumpkin recipes to keep me in the pumpkin business for at least a month of pumpkin-a-day. I find myself with neither the time nor the energy to accomplish such a feat, but still, wouldn’t that be the best? Walking into the house to find something scrumptiously made of pumpkin every day? Oh. Boy.

Then Pinterest meets Crafting……and there’s even more ideas on there about the things that you can do to pumpkins. Decorate them. Decorate your house. Decorate your yard. Decorate, craft, glue, glitter, mod podge…… The list is endless.

I’ve decided, though, to keep things in check. I can do pumpkins outside and decorate (within reason) beginning in October. After all, I’d like them to last through as much of the fall as possible. So that leaves me with one more week to get a plan in place.

I say, “Bring it, Fall.” I’m at my best when you are around. Well, then and when it snows. My health may fail more during Fall and Winter, but my spirits don’t. My house and my heart are warmer. I’m more at peace with myself. Maybe it’s just because I get to express a full range of creative outlets. Either way I’m all good.Image


2 responses to “Addictions

  1. April says:

    Come & we’ll go to the pumpkin patch together. 🙂

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