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The Beginning of the New Year

on September 13, 2012

No. Yeah. I totally get that it’s September and not January; however, when children are present in the home, it seems that the time – space continuum takes over, shifting the calendar into a September – August reality (or maybe an August – July calendar depending on school start dates). And the middle of September has us a month already into the school year. 

This year is the beginning of my second year as P.T.O. president of the elementary school where my youngest is in the fourth grade. My oldest is navigating the sixth grade and middle school, and after this month I think we’ll be able to remove the water-wings.

I’ve drained two ink pens just getting information into the calendar, signing permission slips, writing a few checks, and checking some assignment notebooks. I’ve depleted three printer ink cartridges. I’ve used no less than a ream of paper at home, and I’ve copied probably some five cases worth of paper at school. I’m on a first name basis with the copier repairmen. The teachers’ workroom and my kitchen are both going to send me over the edge. The next person to tell me that Fall makes them want to buy school supplies will receive the list of supplies needed as well as the book fee invoice.

We’re only four weeks into school year and already I’m wondering how much longer until Fall Break. (Forty-two more sleeps to be exact.) Four weeks into the new school year, and it’s already there’s been tears, sweat, and *a lot* of P.T.O.



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